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Enlightened Rest

Yoga Nidra Immersion 

Sundays, starting January 14, 2024
12 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. in the Studio & Livestream

At the heart of the good life is learning to relax and let go. It is often a big challenge to open yourself up to regular relaxation in your everyday life and to practice it.

Your mind protests, it's definitely telling you that your time will be better spent completing a «to do» now than indulging in a relaxation session. The fact is that it is precisely in such moments that it is incredibly important to invite relaxation.

Think of this time as an experiment that you are conducting with the finest instruments at your disposal: 
your body - your breath - your mind.

It is a very effective method of deep relaxation. Perception is directed from the outside inwards, through the gross material to the subtle. You pass the levels of wakefulness - sleep - dreams - transcendence. This allows you to completely relax and regenerate on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. At the same time, your mind becomes clear and you feel gently activated and invigorated. The method is simple; and ideal for a stressful society. No previous knowledge is necessary, just the desire to relax.

Above all, Yoga Nidra has a spiritual purpose: it is possible to gain deep insights into your true nature, and in its full expression it is a consciously experienced deep sleep where awareness sinks into the formless silence and vastness. In this way, the intensity of the karmic tendencies that strongly influence our minds is moderated. Up to complete freedom.



Studio Richardson│Ausstellungsstrasse 105│8005 Zurich

We meet on Sunday, January 14th, 2024 until the end of the month. You decide when you register whether you want to take part in the studio or via our exclusive livestream. The compensation for my time is CHF 105.-.

By E-mail until December 26, 2023. I will send you the payment details after I receive your message. Your payment guarantees your spot. Thank you.

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