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Japaese Healing Art

Your true nature

It is truly a moment of happiness for me to now offer Reiki as well. Because you now find two millennia-old sciences that shake hands: Reiki in the lineage of Mikao Usui & Yoga according to the Sri Vidya philosophy. Reiki is a gentle method to cleanse and heal yourself and to (re)discover the best version of yourself. It allows you to awaken to a new consciousness and leads you back to the source.


Unfold yourself positively through Reiki, which gives you more joy, vitality, and freedom in life. Purify your consciousness and your body. Guide your mind into stillness. Allow yourself to regenerate. Promote your spiritual growth.

«Compassion is the true purpose

of our true Self» 

The Ocan of Ki

Living compassion and letting it flow through you is an expression of your true self. If you are in balance and centered, it flows by itself.


Reiki focuses on three energy centers of the body. They each include three chakras. These coincide with the three most important energy centers of Sri Vidya Yoga philosophy. In Sri Vidya they are called Pithams. In Reiki they are called Tanden, and can be translated as «ocean of Ki», which means energy. The three are divided as follows:

  • Ka-tanden, earth ki, below the navel

  • Chu-tanden, heaven ki, in the middle of the forehead 

  • Sho-tanden, heart ki, heart center  


If you can connect these three centers, you have arrived at your true self. You start with Hara, which is located about three fingers below the navel and is considered the «source of life». This is the foundation, the point where you connect to Mother Earth, where you find balance & steadiness. All three centers are assigned to a mantra in Reiki, which we will work with during our sessions.


Try this

Stand barefoot on the grass, hip-width apart, arms hanging relaxed. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out through your nose. Let your breath come into a regular flow....Imagine that your exhalation goes from your heart to the earth's core. As you do so, let everything you no longer need flow to the earth. As you breathe in, new, healing and grounding energy flows back into your heart chakra. Stay like this for five minutes. Repeat this for 10 days at a time and observe what happens. This balances your earth kii and reconnects you to the healing frequency of the earth.

  • Individual appointments with Misty

  • Short conversation before and after the session, if you desire 

  • You are fully dressed for the treatment 

  • The warm. lightful surroundings and energy in the Studio deepens the Reiki treatment 

  • The offer has the same conditions as our Mentoring 

Reiki Offer


Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 21.40.39.png

Fiona, Zürich

Misty hat eine klare und sanfte Art, Reiki zu geben. Die Atmosphäre im Studio ist sehr heimelig und man fühlt sich gleich wie daheim. Mir gefällt besonders, dass sie viel Erfahrung im Yoga & der Meditation hat, denn sie kann mich auf verschiedene Arten abholen und unterstützen in unseren Sessions. 
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