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Stillness and Clarity

Your connection to life

The Breath is a manifestation of our first and most profound connection with life. You might even say breathing is life itself. During birth, life welcomes us with the gift of breathing. At the time of death, as our breathing slowly stops, it becomes the gentle wind that carries us through a portal into what could be called «the trusted unknown».

You can feel your breathing (pranayama) in progress in the stability of your mental state and in your lack of reactivity to life’s irritations. This will become more and more apparent to you as you practice pranayama regularly over time.

Breath is energy

Practicing simple pranayama techniques every day will change your mental state during the breathing practice itself, but it will also leave benevolent footprints on your mind and soul that will gradually change your life.


Learn these breathing practices with awareness, ease, and an open mind. Our experienced guidance it with you, each step of the way. Watch how you will enjoy living in harmony with your body’s wisdom around breathing.


Try this

Whenever you can take a minute or two simply watch your breath. Especially in a state of agitation remember to do this and you will be amazed at how quickly you move out of that stuck place. Sit upright on a chair and have both feet hip distance apart on the floor for this exercise. Enjoy.

  • Evening Flow, Beginners

  • Beginners Meditation

  • Resilience & Enlightened Rest

  • Breath & Meditation

  • Sunday Morning Hatha Yoga & Meditation (Advanced)​​

  • Private Sessions

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Elsbeth, Regensdorf

Nach der Stunde ist meine Atmung freier. Nach grosser Unruhe hat sich ein starkes Energiefeld entwickelt. Ich fasse Mut, mehr Vertrauen in mich, meine Umgebung. Ruhe und Frieden machen sich in mir breit. Ich werde wieder mehr mich selber und dadurch sicherer. Danke!
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