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Health Prevention


Have you lost your balance, because you haven't been aware of the limits of your own abilities for a long time and as a consequence, it has led you into a crisis or illness? Could it be that the fear of loss has dominated you or the «I want to have even more», which has led you into a damaging behavior towards your body and soul?


We notice that many humans behave as if their bodies do not belong to them, as if the food does not provide fuel for living, and as if the children, even the earth no longer belong to them either. Many follow the concepts and propaganda of politics and media, like programmed robots. Self-responsibility for oneself, and the world and empathy is the key to being able to live freely and your form of health


Learn to perceive yourself again, acknowledge what you feel, live by your own truth so that you can become a specialist for your health, and connect to other people with empathy. Connect with your inner knowledge (intuition, wisdom of the heart) that shows you what you need for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. If you are ready to walk this path, we will be happy to accompany you:


  • Support during cancer therapy & in remission

  • Support and accompaniment for the relatives of cancer patients

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with doctors, therapists, naturopaths

  • ·Advice on insurance issues (health insurance KVG/VVG)

  • ·Introduction to exercise after illness and or physiotherapy


  • Prevention & training for the female and male pelvic floor

  • Nutritional counseling (Ayurveda)

  • Dealing with anxiety & inner restlessness

  • Treatment of sleep problems

Laura gives you a glimpse of how we work together:


«I belong to you guys! With Angelica and Misty, I feel like I am in good hands in any condition. There is a basis for trust. We learn from each other. Something happens in the mind, a change that affects my whole condition, like a cloak that wraps around you warmly. The feeling of threat/fear has disappeared and strength, calmness, and clarity in thinking set in.» 

As experienced professionals, we are at your side. Mutual respect and trust form the basis of our cooperation. We are attentive listeners and take your needs seriously. We support you in determining solution-oriented steps that correspond to your personal growth. We are bound by confidentiality.


Take the opportunity to meet us in person. Get a first impression before we embark on this journey together.  We are looking forward to meeting you!


Angelica and Misty

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