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Life Coaching

Live Joyfully

Today's supposedly «normal» is often not conducive to life and is mortifying. But it is only one side of reality. If you can perceive yourself, feel, and acknowledge what you feel, then you can consciously create your own path in life. What you perceive you believe and what you believe evokes your behavior. And vice versa. We live in a time of awakening; old habits are to be challenged and questioned. Develop a creative approach to the limits of your ability to find and actively maintain your form of health, your form of freedom, and holistic living. Whether you feel connected or disconnected from your life's desires has a significant impact on your development and how your life unfolds.


Are you using your senses, your heart, and your mind or are you just cutting yourself off to survive? Are you ready for a dialogue with yourself? We advise you in these areas and beyond:


  • Realignment

  • Career/study counseling

  • Coaching in the structural setup of daily/weekly/monthly planning

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with medical/naturopathic specialists in case of burnout

  • Solution approaches for conflict situations in relationships & in the work environment

  • Spiritual unfoldment


Noé gives you a glimpse of her mentoring time with us here:


«As a veterinarian, I have a lot of responsibility and also an emotionally demanding job. Thank you, Misty, for helping me find the path to calm. The way to be able to love myself again and just let go. Thank you for also encouraging me to go to rehab. The most important step in my current phase of life is to stay healthy.  My active practice (movement & meditation) gives me support and strength to digest emotions. The Enlightened Rest gives me time with myself and lets my heart and its desires come forth. Now I am re-energized, know my limits much better and look forward to my future with joy as well as love for life.»

As experienced professionals, we are at your side. Mutual respect and trust form the basis of our cooperation. We are attentive listeners and take your needs seriously. We support you in determining solution-oriented steps that correspond to your personal growth. We are bound by confidentiality.


Take the opportunity to meet us in person. Get a first impression before we embark on this journey together.  We are looking forward to meeting you!


Angelica and Misty

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