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Every Moment is a Choice.

Do you feel that it is time for a change, but don't dare to get started, because you don't want to hurt or disappoint others? We have the impression that many values that shape our society are infiltrated by unspoken, undefined guiding principles and thought concepts that are offending and not life-enhancing. Your relationship with yourself is crucial and holds great potential for the further unfolding of your next stage of life or for that matter, your life in general.

You are ready to feel how your body, soul, and spirit are doing and to adjust your way of living because it is crucial for your own biography? Then you are ready for our collaboration:


  • Career and study counseling

  • Relationship counseling

  • Retirement, orientation & visions

  • Support with advance directives, living wills, and instructions in case of death


Whether you let yourself be touched by the topic of the finiteness of life, or continue to live this as a taboo, is in your hands. The confrontation with dying and death give life energy, as well as boundless vitality. If thoughts of dying and death fill you with fear, they drain you of valuable life and healing energy. Fear blocks the integration of these processes. Borderline and powerless situations, anxiety, and the loss of a loved one give you the opportunity to reflect on the essentials. We are your companions in times when there are more worries than trust.


Our specialties include:


  • Spiritual care for the dying and their relatives

  • Administrative assistance in the event of death

  • Mourning after loss because of death or separation


Mutual respect and trust form the basis of our cooperation. We are attentive listeners, and we take your needs seriously. We are bound by the duty of confidentiality.


Take the opportunity to meet us in person. Get a first impression before we embark on this journey together.  We are looking forward to meeting you!


Angelica und Misty

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