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Angelica and Misty

This is us

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Life has shown itself to me in many facets. The question of life’s meaning became a central theme in early adolescence. Combining career and family, while not forgetting myself and my development - was often like doing the split without first warming up the muscles.


Movement, creativity, and music are forms of expression for me that still hold an important place in my life today. I draw strength and energy from it. Working in internal medicine, in the field of oncology, gives me insight into the ups & and downs of life, and the constant change and quietly teaches me humility.


Through the serendipitous combination of medicine and movement, I found myself in the lap of one of the oldest Eastern traditions, the comprehensive body of knowledge of Sri Vidya. Movement, medicine, and mentoring are the supporting elements of my work. Breathing and meditation practice give me inner peace, clarity, and contentment and enhance my access to intuition.


In addition to the studio, my teaching activities also extend to companies in and around Zurich, which allows me to offer my in-depth knowledge to a broader audience to sustainably maintain the health of body, mind, and spirit.


  • Alchemy of AyurvedaYoga, Resilience & Detox in Everyday Life (Kaya Kalpa), Himalayan Institute, USA

  • The Richardsons Studio, Zurich

  • MPA Consultant, Oncolocy Bellvue AG, Zurich

  • Cert. ParaYoga Nidra Teacher 150hr, ParaYoga, USA

  • Cert. Yoga and Meditation Teacher 500hr, ParaYoga, England & USA

  • Ayurvedic Nutritional Counseling, Rosenberg Akademie, Germany

  • Cert. Ayurveda Teacher 300hr, Rosenberg Akademie, Germany

  • Back Fit Trainer, Star Education Zurich

  • Fitness and Stretching Instructor, SAFS Zurich 

  • Jazz & Modern Dance, Alvin Ailey Dance School, New York

  • Ballett & Modern Dance, Ballet Academy Zurich, Herta Bamert

  • Eidg. Dipl. Medizinische Praxisassistentin, St. Gallen

Continuing Education

  • Pranayama Course, Phillip Xerri, England

  • Certified Focusing Trainer, Eveline Züllig-Moor, Ticino

  • Spiritual Accompaniment for the Dying, Institute of Living & Dying, Germany


My professional training in business, medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation have given me a very broad general education. My keen sense for human beings and animals, and the ability to motivate and lead others were the pioneers for my work as a mentor.


Already as a small child, I wondered what the meaning of life was. And I kept asking anyone around me. The science and methods of one of the oldest Eastern traditions, Sri Vidya, through ten years of studying this philosophy and its application, gave me answers. Then, as a young woman, I knew how to build the bridge that unites my professions and my social environment.


To share this authentically and honestly with you and other people, to accompany you on your search for freedom, contentment, happiness, and inspiration, corresponds with my inner voice. Lighting the lamp of love in your heart is my heart’s desire. Relaxation and inspiration are given to me by my daily movements, breath work, sacred sound, meditation practice, my family, and time in nature.


  • The Richardsons Studio, Zürich

  • Mentoring «you're the Leader», Cayra Arcangioli, Aesch

  • Cert. ParaYoga Nidra Teacher 150hr, ParaYoga, USA

  • Cert. Yoga and Meditation Teacher 500hr, ParaYoga, England & USA

  • Starting and accompanying career paths, Heartwork, Vera Class, Zurich

  • Leadership & Coaching of apprentices, Heartwork, Vera Class, Zurich

  • Doctor and Hospital Secretary, Juventus Woodtli, Zurich

  • Event management, Marketing & Social Media, AY Zurich

  • Web-Design, Content, and Backend Management, AY Zurich

  • Meditation and Yoga Teacher, ASVZ, Akad. Sportverband Zurich

  • Berfusbildnerin KV & BiVo, Berufsbildner AG, Zurich

  • KV & BMS, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, Kloten

Further Education

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2, Reiki Schule Zürich & Praxis Lichtfee, Hilfikon

  • Pranayama Course, Phillip Xerri, England

  • Spiritual Accompaniment for the Dying, Institute of Living & Dying, Germany

We are a mother-and-daughter team committed to maintaining the health of body, mind, and soul. Our careers are different and yet closely intertwined.

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Our Wish

We accompany you on the path to keeping your body, mind, and soul healthy and in harmony with nature. This also touches your inner nature and lets it blossom. 

Our Vision

Our oasis, the studio offers you the opportunity to take a break from the hectic and performance-oriented everyday life. With us, you can be as you are. We promote your personal growth, honestly and sustainably.

Our Values

Authentic - Honest - Intuitive - Sustainable

Get in Touch

The Richardsons Studio

Ausstellungsstrasse 105

8005 Zurich

T: +41  79 699 94 98 I Misty
T: +41 76 370 54 31 I Angelica

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you shortly.

Love Angelica & Misty

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