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Yoga Nidra

Anicent Wisdom for Modern Living

The Source

The sources of knowledge about yogic sleep also known as yoga nidra come from the Himalayan Masters and their philosophy and traditions which they have passed on over thousands of years. 


We teach five different methods, summarized as Enlightened Rest, which has its origin in ParaYoga Nidra®. This is mainly influenced by the teachings of Swami Rama.  


It is a very effective method of deep relaxation. Perception is directed from the outside inwards, via the coarse to the subtle. You pass the levels of wakefulness - sleep - dreaming - transcendence. This allows you to completely relax and regenerate on a physical, mental and spiritual level. At the same time, the mind becomes clear, you feel gently activated and invigorated. The method is simple; ideal for the stressed society.

Yoga Nidra has a spiritual purpose first and foremost: it is possible to gain deep insights into your true nature and in its fullest form it is a consciously experienced deep sleep where awarenessdescends into the formless stillness and vastness. In this way, the intensity of the karmic tendencies that strongly affect our mind is moderated. To full freedom.

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